iOS 7.0.3 Firmware Will be Available for Download on October 18

In accordance with the laws of the past, Apple will release an update to fix the bugs and bring some new improvements irregularly. As a major innovation, iOS 7 has undergone two this slightly updates. In the last month, iOS 7.0.2 released, whichfixed a critical security flaw of the lock screen. However, Apple did not release 7.0.3 in the short term, this may be due to 7.0.2 without many flaws, causing users to complain about, so we did not see the new update already more than 20 days, in addition, we had reported that Apple promised to fix the iMessage issue in 7.0.3.


We have reason to believe that iOS 7.0.3 will be another major update, rather than a slight improvement, Apple will improve battery issues, fix a lot of bugs. According to the latest internal news, Apple intends to distribute 7.0.3 update on 18 October.


Special Note:

Currently, the latest jailbreak status on iOS 7 is, Evad3rs are developing a new jailbreak tool for all devices, and recently they also mentioned that 7.0.2 is a safe, meaning that the new jailbreak tool will be able to work on iOS 7.0.2, so we advise you to save SHSH blobs for the existing firmware, to prevent Apple stop signing after releasing iOS 7.0.3.


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