Twitter rolling out new option to receive direct messages from any follower

2012 Twitter logo

Twitter is rolling out a new option to ease the use of direct messages. Traditionally, the social network has only allowed users who follow each other to send direct messages back and forth to one another.

But with this new setting, which apparently began rolling out last week, Twitter users can elect to receive direct messages from any follower, regardless of whether or not they’re following the person back…

The new option was first spotted by marketing guru Jim Connolly (via Pocket-Lint):

After checking my account, I can confirm that I now have this option. But I’m still not sure whether or not to check the box. It seems like DMs are better suited for personal use, and @ replies for everything else.

That being said, I can see how this could benefit brands and companies who want to contact customers regarding contests, or customer service issues. It would allow them to communicate privately with users.

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