Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS 7.0.3

Today Evad3rs Team twitted this message:

 Jailbreak 6.1.3 iOS 7.0.3
Jailbreak 6.1.3. Today has held jailbreak iOS 7.0.2. Evad3rs Team managed to make jailbreak of new iOS 7.0.2 on their iPhone 4. Yes, yes. It has held. Today we finally saw for the first time actually working Cydia on new Cydia iOS 7. You might think that the design of Cydia remained the same like it was all those years? No! Saurik has redesigned its program and we can see the design of Cydia Store iOS 7 in style of new iOS 7. Already it is clear that the company of developers of various kinds Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7 prepared us a lot of surprises and soon we will be able not only download jailbreak for iOS 7.0.3 which coming out on these days but also to install new tweaks for iOS 7. So must a little and we will be able to download new Cydia and install it on your device under control of iOS 7. Get ready for this event. I remind that we will immediately inform you once an official jailbreak for iOS 7.0.3 will be released. You will wait not for long.

Source: Twitter


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