Unofficial iMessage App Released for Android!

Daniel Zweigart has released an unofficial iMessage app for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The app lets Android users message iOS users via iMessage; however, there are some concerns about whether it’s safe to use.

Hacker and developer Adam Bell notes that “it looks like that iMessage on Android hack is super sketch and is spoofing iMessage requests as a mac mini.”

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith tweets:

iMessage for Android app has code to download APKs in the background? TOTALLY SAFE. Not rootkit-ing your phone or anything? 😀

Link to this app at your own risk. I’d be quick to re-flash and format any device it touches. That’s just me, though

@chpwn @SteveStreza @chronic @b3ll as an obfuscated APK w/ the ability to download apks or delta code patches, I’m not comfortable with it

Considering this, we strongly recommend that you don’t use the app or at least wait until more details are known.

You can check out some screenshots below…

Read More [via EvilPenguin_]

Source: Adam Bell Twitter

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