Celeste 2 Adds Bluetooth File Sharing Support to iOS 6, Now Available in Cydia

CocoaNuts has released Celeste 2, a Bluetooth file transfer tweak for iOS 6.x, that lets your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch send and receive files to other devices via Bluetooth. You can control your transfers with the included Celeste 2 Notification Center widget.

With zero configuration, Celeste integrates with a wide variety of apps – including Photos, iPod, Contacts, iBooks, Voice Memos, Notes, and Dropbox. Send and receive all your favorite and important files instantly after purchasing and installing Celeste 2!

Celeste 2 not only integrates with most apps, it also uses the original iOS Bluetooth stack. This means you keep listening to your music via Bluetooth or stay tethered to another device. Celeste 2 is the only Bluetooth tranfser solution that provides this level of integration.

Finally, Celeste 2 hands over received files to Gremlin. Gremlin allows you to import received songs and videos into your iPod library, with full iTunes-sync capability.

How to Use Celeste 2:
● Photos: View a photo, tap the share icon button, and select “Send with Celeste.”
● Notes: View a note, tap the share icon button, and select “Send with Celeste.”
● iPod/Music: View any list of songs, tap and hold a song, and select “Send”.
● iBooks: When viewing PDFs in “shelf” mode: pull down to see options, tap “list” mode, tap and hold an item, and select “Send.”
● Ringtones: In Setttings->Sounds->Ringtone: hold an item and select “Send.”
● Contacts: View a contact, tap “Share Contact,” and select “Celeste Bluetooth.”
● Voice Memos: Select a memo, tap the blue “Share” button, and select “Celeste Bluetooth.”
● Safari:Tap share icon to send a text file with the current URL.
● Dropbox: Go to ‘Favorites’, swipe file to right, tap the “Share” button, and select “Celeste Bluetooth”.
● DisplayRecorder:Just select a recording and then tap on “Send via Bluetooth.

Celeste 2 is available via the Cydia Store for a limited time price of $6.99 until September 15th. Existing users can update to Celeste 2 for free!





Source: clarified, Cydia


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