iOS 7 Gold Master to Drop As Early As September 10th, Beta 6 Next Week for Developers

iOS 7 is currently on beta 5 for developer testing as developers continue testing their applications for the upcoming public release this Fall. Those on the beta won’t have to wait too long for another update, and another update after that.

According to a report from BGR, iOS 7 beta 6 is set to seed to developers some time next week (perhaps Monday), while iOS 7 Gold Master will reach Apple employees and carriers for testing on September 5th and will reach developers by September 10th. The Gold Master is the version of the software that most resembles the final release for all users give or take a few minor bugs that may be fixed before the full release.

Apple often launches updates to carriers and staff before developers just to make sure that the software functions properly with all the carriers’ services. Developers then get the seed shortly afterwards to test their apps, and then it lands in the public’s hands when bugs have been squashed and applications have had time to be updated.

On September 10th, Apple is also expected to unveil two new iPhone models alongside the iOS 7 Gold Master, including the iPhone 5S and theiPhone 5C.

Sources: BGR

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