Facebook iOS App Updated With Greater Hashtag Support, Restaurant Reservation Booking

The popular free Facebook social networking application for iOS has been updated Monday bringing the application up to version 6.4.

With Monday’s update, Facebook users can now book restaurant reservations right from the application with its new built-in OpenTable support. The feature is available to all users for all participating restaurants in the U.S. that have chosen to enable restaurant booking from their Facebook pages. The bookings are private to the user only and aren’t shared with friends.

In addition, the update brings more support to the iOS application for hashtags, making it so that the user can easily tap on hashtags or search hashtags via the search bar in the application’s side bar to see what’s going on with the subject that has been hashtagged.

The update also fixes a bug with notification badges appearing when there weren’t actually any notifications to see, and makes it so that timelines look better and load faster on the iPad. As usual, the application’s stability and performance has been improved with the update.

Existing users of the Facebook application for iOS will find the update under the Updates tab in the App Store. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the Facebook application for iOS for free via this App Store link.

Sources: App Store


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