Analyst Predictions for the Future of the Apple Product Pipeline

In a research note which was recently issued to investors, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster predicts that Apple may scale back iOS 7 on a rumored low-cost iPhone, possibly withholding the feature set by deactivating Siri on the device. Munster took the chance to update investors on his Apple product pipeline predictions for the rest of the year and into 2014.

The analyst’s expectations for the next-generation iPhone that many have dubbed as the “iPhone 5S,” seem to be in line with several rumors and speculations that are afloat. Aside from incorporating a fingerprint sensor into the home button, which Munster believes will be limited to user authentication, the 5S will feature the usual “S-series” component upgrades including processor performance, extended battery life, more memory along with a few other specification improvements.

Although his outlook on the iPhone 5S are in line with the anticipated rumors, Munster’s thoughts on the rumored less-expensive “iPhone 5C” are a bit unconventional. Like others, he predicts that the iPhone 5C will have a plastic casing, 4-inch display and slightly lower-end internal components when compared to the iPhone 5S. However, the analyst believes that Apple will exclude software features when the handset launches, with Siri being one of the exclusions. He continues to state that the low-end handset offering is a move that “makes sense” for the company with the contingency that the company discontinues the iPhone 4S product line to change the pipeline.

Last but not least, Munster agrees with the September iPhone event rumor and sees October as a likely timeframe for both the iPhones along with a new iPad and iPad mini. He continues on further to mention that Apple might debut a new TV product before the end of 2013 as well with the rumors of a larger-screened iPhone and the much-rumored “iWatch” to be released by mid-2014.

We’ll have to see how much of this speculation turns out to be true and how much it remains a rumor in time.

Source: Piper Jaffray via AppleInsider


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