OS X Ivericks Concept

iOS 7 will change Apple’s software design dramatically leaving OS X behind. In order to visualise the new style on a Mac screen I recreated several elements and applied them to several programs. Created to explore the idea of an updated OS X this is just a update of looks with a few new functions taken from both the iPhone and iPad.

iOS and OS X belong to Apple Inc. and this does not reflect them or their future plans.


At first glance the desktop is familiar. The functionality hasn’t changed (ignore the missing dock) and now has the iOS 7 style. Flat windows with border-less icons look clean and sophisticated matching the translucent menu bar, all with Helvetica Neue for text.


For a redesigned OS X to work the finder must be executed in a way that sets the tone for the rest of the desktop. With cleaner toolbars and icons it’s easier to find your way around. The hollow close, minimise and maximise buttons are inspired by the new signal indicators. To emphasise the look of iOS 7 on the Mac I created a Photo Stream window for images, exploring how the new ‘collections’ view could be applied to other parts of the Mac.


A simple recreation of the iOS screen with a sidebar for scrolling through contacts. Moving the create, share and delete buttons to the bottom left frees up more of the window for content.


The calculator on the Mac has seen little attention over the years. The Rams-Inspired iOS version has a clean look that fits neatly in it’s own window. This is the first app that has a different accent colour, helping to make the once all-grey app now visually different, and also shows that apps no longer need a separate bar for the title.

iTunes Mini Player

Now with the iOS Music pink the mini player now has it’s own look. Apart from a flatter look, new icons and updated scrollbar the window is unchanged.


Like the Contacts app Notes is a translation of the iOS version to the Mac with a sidebar. With the weakest look of all the redesigned apps the colour works to differentiate the app but needs some tweaks to look better.


Simply a new look applied to the functionality of the new Mavericks notification. I decided to replace the app icon with a photo of the contact sending the message making it easier for you to decide to reply or not. Other notifications could use more relevant pictures, such as the item for an eBay update or a picture from photo stream.

Notification Centre

Following the new look on the iPad and continuing the layer theory notification centre now takes up the whole screen. With a new look and gesture (two finger swipe from the top of the trackpad) the Mac now matches the feature on other Apple devices.


Some may disagree but the rest of the screen is wasted when using spotlight, so using the whole screen for spotlight makes sense. Showing more results and bigger previews are the benefits of an enlarged search.


Will Siri ever make his (or her) way onto the Mac? Who knows. If it does it will probably take it’s design from the iPad and cover the whole screen.


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