Google Maps for iOS and Android Now Displaying Relevant Ads After Searches


Google Announced Thursday afternoon that relevant ads would now appear at the bottom of the Google Maps application after the user performs a search for a place. The ads will help not only users in helping what they’re looking for, but also help companies trying to advertise their services.
The feature is not yet coming up for everyone, but is expected to be noticed by more people in coming weeks as the feature rolls out to all users. The ads will be relevant to the search query, so they won’t be as annoying as some may think, and in fact, they may be useful.

The ads appear at the bottom of the screen where the search result would normally appear, and the user can tap on or swipe up on the ad to bring up information about the place such as phone number, address, etc. For example, searching “Gardening Shops” may bring up an ad about a gardening shop in your location mentioning that they can save you a lot of money. You can then learn more about the business and get directions to it.

The feature is automatically included in the current version of Google Maps; there won’t be an update in the App Store. The feature is currently being pushed to both Android and iOS devices.

Sources: Google


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